MGENPower is Authorized THERMAX- Channel associates for their Products, Heating & Cooling (BOILERS & CHILLERS), Water Treatment Plants, Enviro & Chemicals.

THERMAX is global engineering solutions provider to the energy and environment sectors. In which MGENPOWER systems, which is known for its 26 years of best service in the field of Diesel Generators, Solar Power Systems, Micro Wind Turbines Power plants business, is now one of the THERMAX dealer for south zone dealing with wide ranges of THERMAX products like Boilers - HuskPac, COMBLOC, THERMEON, Vertical Thermic Fluid Heater, Hot Water Generators, Reverse Osmosis(RO) Plant, Softners, Waste Water Recycling Solutions, Air Pollution Control equipments & Chemicals, Chillers - Vapor Absorption Machine, Cartridge Filters, Membranes, Dosing Pump and Resins and all spares and services etc...

Boiler Comblac
Thermax Boiler Comblac High Performance Shell & Water Wall combination Boiler. Multi fuel boiler manufactured with the latest Engineering techniques, modern production. Compact, Modular, Skid Mounted Boiler. Very High Efficiency Boiler.

Boiler Capacity : 2 to 6 TPH Fuel Used : Husk, Wood, Coal, Briquette Pressure : 10.54, 17.5 kg/cm2

Thermeon shortly called as TEON is specially designed for Sourcing a high reliability, high performance, small capacity (up to 1.5 TPH) multi-fuel fired steam boiler at an affordable cost for their process heating use has long been a dream for most micro, small and medium enterprises. Key Features : Automatic Pressure Switch – High Safety & Reliable Performance FD & ID Fan – No Back Firing, Instant and Complete combustion Bigger Fire Door – Easy Fuel Feeding Centrifugal Pump – Highly Flexible and Continuous Operation Completely Paneled and Ultra-compact – Best Aesthetics in range Integrated Heat Recovery Unit – High Fuel Efficiency Boiler Capacity : 0.3 to 1.5TPH Fuel Used : Coal, Wood Logs & Husk Briquette Pressure : 7, 10.54 kg/cm2

HuckPac Ultra, the next generation rice hick fired boilers from Thermax, are designed to provide low cost heating with very high fuel efficiency. Buddling bed combustion, gives higher residence time to facilitate complete combustion thus imporving efficiency

ADVANTAGES : High Performance Shell & Water Wall combination Boiler. Multi fuel boiler manufactured with the latest Engineering techniques, modern production. Compact, Modular, Skid Mounted Boiler. Very High Efficiency Boiler.

Boiler Capacity : 2 to 6 TPH Fuel Used : Husk Pressure : 10.54, 17.5 kg/cm2
Combipac Fluidized Bed Boiler

Major Advantage of water tube is that it responds better to fluctuating load. Fluidized Bed Boiler can handle wide varieties of fuels. More suitable for fine fuels, high ash fuels. Hybrid design of water tube & fire tube. Maximum Thermal Efficiency Boiler

Boiler Capacity : 4 to 4 TPH Fuel Used : Husk, Imported Coal Pressure : 10.54, 17.5 Kg/cm2
Aqua Nexa Hot water Generator

AquaNexa is air sourced heat pump based on refrigeration cycle and generating hot water with maximum temperature of 60 deg cel. Product Features: High COP – Low running cost Compact structure – Minimum foot print Plug and play unit High efficiency heat exchanger Corrosion free operation & longer life Smart controller: man less operation Low noise operation Pollution free operation Safe & reliable Environment friendly refrigerant

Operating Range: 19-75 kw (400 to 1600 LPH) rated hot water output Rated hot water temperature – 55 deg cel Maximum hot water temperature – 60 deg cel
Aquamatic Hot Water Generator

Aquamatic is a closed-loop, compact hot water generator providing water at a maximum outlet temperature of 90ºC. Product Features : Horizontal unit with calorifier (optional) that requires no foundation and can be easily accommodated in basements. Single button start High efficiency of about 93% Low electrical load giving more than 50% savings over electrical geysers. Easy to operate and maintain.

Operating Range : Capacities: 0.05 million kcal/hr to 0.60 million kcal/hr Design pressure: Up to 4 kg/cm² (g) Steam temperature: Up to 90ºC Firing fuels: HSD & gas with an efficiency of 93% (+/- 2%) on Net Calorific Value (NCV)
Aquathem Hot Water Generator

Aquatherm hot water generator generates hot water at a temperature as high as 140 ºC within a few minutes of cold start. The technology innovation of Aquatherm lies in the use of water in its liquid phase to transfer heat to the process. Product Features : Three-pass thermally efficient design results in lowest fuel bills Fully automatic Multi-fuel option - light oils/heavy oils/gases High efficiency of about 90% Can be custom-built to give outlet temperature up to 225ºC No Boiler regulations – water generates heat without changing its liquid phase

Operating Range : Capacities: from 0.2 million kcal/hr to 2.0 million kcal/hr Design pressure: Up to 4 kg/cm² (g) Steam temperature: Up to 140ºC Firing fuels: HSD, LDO & FO with an efficiency of 90% (+/- 2%) on NCV
MGEN-Thermax offers Lithium Bromide absorption machines as a cost effective alternative to electricity-driven compression chillers. Our VAMs (vapour absorption machines) are extensively used in a variety of industries as well as commercial buildings for process-cooling and air-conditioning. VAMs (vapour absorption machines) are designed to be driven by a variety of heat sources – steam, hot water, gas/liquid fuels, exhaust gases or a combination of these fuels. These machines offer an outlet temperature of 1ºC with water and up to -5ºC with brine, a rare feat in the industry. Advantages : No CFC, hence environment friendly - Uses water (R 712) as refrigerant instead of ozone depleting Chlorofluorocarbons No noise No moving parts, therefore no dynamic load No vibration, therefore silent operation Negligible maintenance Negligible power - Power required for only small pumps Modular Design - Compact design; on skid Delivery
Softening is a reversible ion exchange process wherein the hardness forming ions are exchanged with sodium ions present in the resin group. Thermax offers a wide range of softening plants with versatility in flow, flexibility in resin quantities and ease in operation. Thermax is one of the largest manufacturers of the strong acid cation resin used in this process. Advantages: Tulsion resins with high resistance to mechanical shock, longer life, high exchange capacity and low consumption of salt. The closely controlled resin bead size minimizes pressure loss. User-friendly, low maintenance & easy to install. Variety of cost effective standard models. Improved aesthetics & rugged design. Simpler distribution & collection systems. Easily up-gradable for higher output. Easy operation & maintenance.
Water Treatment Water Purification
Demineralization is the process by which total dissolved solids (TDS) present in water are removed effectively. A properly packaged unit incorporates the principles of ion exchange, degasification and polishing, to produce mineral free water. Advantages : Variety of cost effective standard models Advanced selection software for optimal configuration Improved aesthetics and rugged design User-friendly, low maintenance and easy to install Versatility in applications Simpler distribution and collection systems Pre despatch assembly check Quick availability

Reverse Osmosis (RO) is a process of physical separation of dissolved solids and minerals present in water. This technology uses the principle of osmosis, wherein the mineral concentration of raw water is reduced by applying high pressure through a semi-permeable membrane. SIROSOFT considers your inlet water quality and capacity requirements and offers you optimised combination. This choice is dependent on different flux rates, pump models, membrane types and inlet water quality. It gives the right solutions, reduced running cost and optimised capital expenditure.

Advantages : Compact and modular RO blocks Easy installation, operation and servicing Specific selection possible from a wide range Visual monitoring system (VMS) for ease of trouble-shooting Stainless steel multistage centrifugal pump; inline suction and delivery allows easy maintenance and access Online product water quality monitoring Membrane and pump protection features 'RO Advantage' enhanced through SIROSOFT Minimum pipe length to reduce system resistance Easy servicing with QRC (Quick Release Coupling) Material of construction: PVC/SS.
We are engaged in direct supply of excellent quality Thermax Sewage Treatment Plant (Bio-cask) to our valuable clients. BioCask is the most efficient state -of-the art- technology for domestic waste Water Treatment which has overcome all the limitations of conventional Waste water treatment Systems.The BioCask uses unidirectional fluidization pattern that makes efficient use of Oxygen that is required for biological degradation of organic impurities. The novel design of aeration system in the BioCask also reduces operating cost of the treatment. It ranges from 10 KLD - 300 KLD. -Low height suitable for residential & Commercial complexes. -Negligible odor as its a closed process - Achieve BOD at outlet <5 without ultra filtration - 50% Reduction in Height of Installation. Suitable for basement installation. Fits clear height of 3 mtrs. - 20% Reduction in Capex - 30% Reduction in Opex. Reduced operating cost due to high oxygen transfer efficiency - Can be containarized for aesthetic look. - Aesthetically appealing Application : Waste water recycling Dimension(L*W*H) : 10.2*7.4*3 Meter (m) Product Type : Sewage Treatment Plants Technology : Biological treatment Operation Type : Automatic